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//Computer Science
February 14th, 2014 (orig) November 26th, 2016 (last updated)

List of Favorite Tools

These a list of my favorite tools that I've come across over the years.

Operating System

Linux (Ubuntu Distribution) ; Previously Solaris

I stopped being a fan of Ubuntu for years, however, since they've managed to get rid of that abomination Unity, they've since come back into my good graces. One thing is for certain, Ubuntu Server is a far smarter option than the horrendous Amazon Linux EC2 distro in the AWS cloud.. stay far away from that!

Solaris is a highly advanced and evolved operating system, and introdcued intersting concepts with its hypervisor and kernel zones. Unfortunately it has stagnated in the hands of Oracle, the unfortunate successors to the mighty legacy of Sun Microsystems. With the fall of the OpenSolaris project (and subsequently the ability to tap larger communities, such as how the Linux community avails itself), and the extremely limited resources that Oracle allocates toward research and development, Solaris advancement has basically come to a screeching halt. There are some updates every few years, but nothing game-changing or revolutionary. While still very advanced (in some areas) it is a dead operating system now. The last update was a couple months ago (the previous one being 3 years), and only came with extremely minor fixes and adjustments.

Linux Text Editor


Windows Text Editor

Brackets ; Formally Notepad++

Code Editor


C/C++ Compiler


C/C++ Debugger


Windows USB ISO Burner


Windows SSH Client


Windows SFTP



FISH ; (Previously KSH)

While I rather don't mind BASH just for regular 'old jump-in-and-out, FISH has really grown on me. For scripting, I still prefer KornShell.

Team / Project Communication

Discord ; (Previously slack)



CircleMUD will always be my favorite, however, its likely better to simply use its successor (tbaMUD).


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